Updated Last: 05/30/05




We are expecting 5 litter in June 2005!!!!

We will be updating our pictures and have new pages for you very soon.

This summer is going to be a very busy summer for us. We should be having new litters later in the summer too!




Dad's Pampered Poms is located in Myrtle Creek, Oregon.  My wife and I have lived in the area for about 22 years.  I never intended to breed pomeranians, however, I found that I didn't want to have just one pomeranian.  They are such good companions and a joy to have around that I found that I wanted more.  Each of our poms have such different personalities that it makes them very interesting to be around them.  My wife and I have also found that they are great travel dogs.  We take them practically everywhere that we go. 

These dogs have brought a lot of happiness into our lives and so we decided to try and bring happiness to others by breeding these lovable and cuddly dogs.


If you have questions, comments, or things you have experienced with pomeranians please email us.